But diets high in complex carbohydrates and fiber are associated with reduced mortality rates from coronary heart disease, as well as other chronic diseases.2

Problem is, most Americans don't get enough fiber to realize its potential benefits. The typical American eats only about 14-15 grams of fiber a day.3 Health experts recommend a minimum of 20 to 30 grams of fiber a day for most people. And in a recent U.S. study, each 10 grams of fiber added to the diet decreased the risk of dying from heart disease by 29 percent.4

So how do you add more fiber to your diet? Reach for Benefiber. Add it to your rolled oats or oat bran cereal for a heaping helping of fiber in the morning, and add raisins, bananas or berries for a boost of extra fiber. And though whole fruits and vegetables contain more fiber than juice, you can always increase the fiber content by adding Benefiber to your morning orange juice.

If you want to get really fiber conscious, try eating vegetables raw or steamed: cooking veggies may reduce their fiber content. And remember to choose whole grain breads, cereals and pastas over processed grains.4

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